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2018 by VEKO Virtual Enterprise International
This is a mock business for VEI only
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       As an e-commerce service company, MatchWear ensures that customers are able to dress to express themselves through our outfits ranging from Business Formal, Business Casual, Athleisure, and StreetWear. As the Stylists create sets depending on latest trends, seasons, and versatility, MatchWear is able to sell with affordable prices with more items while catching up to popular styles. In addition, we provide multiple methods for our buyers to be able to personalize their own fashion with our For You option. Customers can specifically choose items from our sets and create their own looks. The Stylist Box also ensures for a surprise once taking a questionnaire in which the results would be evaluated by our Stylists to match an outfit to fit the customer’s needs. As MatchWear follows the seasonal changes, we include seasonal bundles, a greater amount of items than normal sets, following holidays within that season. To follow MatchWear’s quota, “Express your life while changing another”, we donate 3% of the profit made from the seasonal bundles to support the community. Altogether, MatchWear allows for anyone to personalize their own looks through MatchWear as they support the community.

Phone:    (718) 281-8200

Address: 58-20 Utopia Pkwy, Fresh              

                Meadows 11365

Email:     matchwear.ny@veinternational.org

Business Hours: 10:10 AM - 11:50 AM

                            Monday - Friday

Products For Sale