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2018 by VEKO Virtual Enterprise International
This is a mock business for VEI only

All Products


Diamond Bundle


Platinum Bundle.jpg

Platinum Bundle


Matchwear outfit.png

Mens Streetwear Fire


Matchwear women red outfit.png

Women Business Formal: Fun n Fresh


Matchwear Santa baby.png

Women Streetwear Fall Bundle:Santa Baby


Matchwear Holy.png

Women Business Formal: Holly


Matchwear Blizzard.png

Men Athleisure Fall Bundle: Blizzard


Matchwear London.png

Women Streetwear Fall Outfit: London


Matchwear Coordination.png

Women Casual Fall Outfit: Coordination


Matchwear Polaroid.png

Men Casual Fall Outfit: Polaroid


2019 Meow.png

2019 Meow





Oldster with a Joystick.png

Oldster with a Joystick





Fortnite Jetpack.png

Fortnite Jetpack


Digital Scarf.jpg

Digital Scarf


Wave Worldwide.png

Wave Worldwide Bundle





Hologram Watch.jpg

Hologram Watch


Matchwear women green.png

Women Business Casual: Floral


Matchwear Candy Cane.png

Women Athleisure Fall Bundle: Candy Cane


Matchwear sunset.png

Women Streetwear Spring Bundle: Sunset


Matchwear Judas.png

Men Business Formal Fall Bundle:Judas


Matchwear Sun.png

Women Athleisure Fall Outfit: Sun


Matchwear Basic.png

Men Streetwear Fall Outfit: Basic


Matchwear Oceanic.png

Men Formal Spring Outfit: Oceanic





Tesla Bundle.png

Tesla Bundle


Ultimate Fun Object.png

Ultimate Fun Object



Thor: Hammerin’ Fun





SpaceX Suit.jpg

SpaceX Suit


Luxury Tie.png

Luxury Tie


Italian Bay Leaf Essence.jpg

Italian Bay Leaf Essence



Bolt Bundle


Matchwear women rainbow.png

Women Athleisure :

Colors of Spring


Matchwear White Christmas.png

Women Business Casual: White Christmas


Matchwear Frostbite.png

Men Streetwear Fall Bundle: Frostbite


Matchwear Saint Nicholas.png

Men Business Casual: Saint Nicholas


Matchwear England.png

Women Formal Fall Outfit: England


Matchwear Tangerine.png

Men Athleisure Fall Outfit: Tangerine


Matchwear Rouge.png

Women Formal Spring Outfit:Rouge


Spongebob Spaceship

Spongebob Spaceship.png


Iron Man.png

Iron Man


Fist Fight Machine.png

Fist Fight Machine


The Digital Tie.jpg

The Digital Tie


Ripple touch.png

Ripple Bundle


Jiggy Box.png

Jiggy Box


Beast Box.png

Beast box


Morgan Freeman.jpg

Morgan Freeman


King Ghidorah.jpg

King Ghidorah


Mike Trout.jpg

Mike Trout


Oahu and Maui, Hawaii.jpg

Oahu and Maui, Hawaii